Tinos Jazz Festival – G. Trantalidis Triologia, feat T. Lakatos

G. Trantalidis Triologia

George Trantalidis started his career 40 years ago, playing with the rock group Socrates. In 1978, he records the first Greek Jazz music record with the “Sphinx”. In 1980 he represents Greece in international Jazz Festivals and also records in Hungary his two first personal albums ” Clarification” and “One, Two, Three, Four”. In 1983 he becomes the first to merge Greek traditional with Jazz music in his records ”Hores” “Mesogeios”, “Hairetismos” and “Erisma” with the participation of renowned traditional musicians G. Koros and N. Saragoudas.

Tony Lakatos

Tony Lakatos was born into a musicians’ family in Budapest, Hungary. His Father was a famous gipsy violinist and so was his younger brother Roby. Shortly after he moved to Germany in 1981, he became one of the most respected saxophone players in Germany and far beyond. He performed as a saxophone soloist in numerous jazz/pop/rock recordings and concerts, touring all over the world. He was the first Hungarian musician to appear in the Gavin Report Top Ten in the American Jazz Music Radio with his CDs „Recycling“ in 1993 feat.

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